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Asparagus4you is the online sales division of JW Farms.  JW Farms and its predecessors have been in the Washington State Asparagus industry for over 50 years. We are involved in every aspect of asparagus production from seed to spear. We can accomodate any order of asparagus plants or products according to seasonal availability.We accept credit card payments, check, and money orders.

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We are sold out of the following varieties, but are now planting for next spring.  Preorder now to guarantee availability.  Email to jjwinc@netaxcess.com for prices and preorders.


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      Our asparagus roots are grown from hand sorted Mary Washington variety seeds.  Our jersey knight asparagus roots are grown from certified jersey knight asparagus seeds.  We have been growing and shipping asparagus roots for growers, nurseries and home gardeners for over 40 years.  This year we grew over 500,000 asparagus plants. Online orders are hand sorted, cleaned and packed for shipping.   Planting instructions are included with every order.  For more information and price lists:

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